Clean guide for linear guide

2021-10-07 14:57
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Guide rails and linear shafts are one of the core components of the equipment, and their function is to play a guiding and supporting role. In order to ensure the high processing accuracy of the machine, the guide rails and straight lines are required to have high guiding accuracy and good movement stability. During the operation of the equipment, due to the large amount of corrosive dust and smoke generated during the processing of the processed parts, these smoke and dust will be deposited on the surface of the guide rail and linear shaft for a long time, which has a great impact on the processing accuracy of the equipment, and will Corrosion points are formed on the surface of the linear axis of the guide rail, which shortens the service life of the equipment. In order to make the machine work normally and stably and ensure the processing quality of the products, the daily maintenance of the guide rail and linear axis must be done carefully. Note: Please prepare dry cotton cloth and lubricating oil to clean the guide rail. The guide rail of the engraving machine is divided into linear guide rail and roller guide rail. Cleaning the linear guide: first move the laser head to the far right (or left), find the linear guide, wipe it with a dry cotton cloth until it is bright and dust-free, and add a little lubricating oil (sewing machine oil can be used, do not use machine oil) , Slowly push the laser head from side to side several times to distribute the lubricating oil evenly. Cleaning the roller guide rail: move the beam to the inside, open the end covers on both sides of the machine, find the guide rails, wipe the areas where the guide rails on both sides are in contact with the rollers with a dry cotton cloth, and then move the beam to clean the remaining areas.